is a website which claims to pay its users around N400 per referral sign up. Other than referring people, there is no way to earn money from Joomta, neither there is anything to engage with website. So, how makes money to pay N400 per referral sign up to its members? Does it really pay or is a scam? Let’s find out below

* claims to make money by displaying pop up ads to its users whenever they’re on the website and claims to pay its users N400 per referral sign up from the revenue generated by those adverts. It claims it can earn from the popup adverts which is enough to pay its referrers. Now, this business model creates lots of doubt. There is not anything engaging which can engage people in website. So, the members of Joomta will only visit website during their sign up or to copy their referral link for one time. After that, they will come to only to cash-out their earnings which will be one time a month. So, one member will view advertisements in only 1-2 times a month and that is also for some minutes. So, that much view from each member is not enough to pay N400 per referral sign up. So, it doesn’t look like a sustainable business and we don’t think it can pay for a long time.

* Joomta hasn’t provided any information about who and from where it’s operating and running the Joomta on its website and those details have been concealed in WHOIS as well. In the online work industry, none of the legit online work companies hide their owner details, only scam ones do.

* Unlike the legit companies, Joomta hasn’t provided important pages like “About Us” or “Terms and Conditions” and so on.

* The business model of Joomta is not legal and won’t be approved by any legal authorities since it is offering the referral commission without selling any real products or services and paying the referral commission only to join the website.

* In order to join the, we have to provide lots of personal details, such as our bank name, bank account number, mobile number and so on which none of the legit sites will ask during the registration time. So, it looks like is collecting the personal information of the people so that they can sell that to the third parties and make money from that. Lots of scam sites are making money by selling personal information of the members. Some sites are even stealing the money of the members by charging their credit card randomly. So, never ever provide your credit card information to these kinds of sites. If you ever mistakenly provide your credit card information to these kinds of sites, we suggest you immediately contact your bank or credit card company and tell them to cancel your credit card and give you the new one.

* You can find out lots of complaints from the members of Joomta for not paying them after they request for cash-out and deleting their account by giving the reason that Joomta is not available in their country. However, it pays in Naira (N) which is a Nigerian currency and even the members from Nigeria are complaining that it deleted their account saying it is not available in their country after they request for cash-out. If it is not available in Nigeria, then where is it available and why is it claiming to pay in Naira (N) which is a Nigerian currency?

* The details in WHOIS record of match with lots of scam sites.

ConclusionConsidering the laid down points, it is clear is not only a scam site but a dangerous site. And its growing more viral daily. Help stop this virus by informing the ignorant.


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